An Evening of Excellence

evening of excellence
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The famous Ashes and the story behind it all was relayed to us by our knowledgeable tour guide.

It was a great day to be visiting Lord’s Cricket Ground in St John’s Wood yesterday. The air was crisp, the sun was making the grass shine and the leaves had fallen all around. Almost every industry had a representative in the beautiful room overlooking the cricket field. People from some of the most prominent companies in manufacturing, agricultural production, telecommunications, energy, aviation, technology, retail, consulting were present. And of course, the amazing teams of Smith Institute and Gurobi Optimization which were responsible for the great event.

The fact that us guests could sit around tables sipping our coffees and taking notes on our notebooks (provided by the Smith Institute) while listening about amazing optimization projects spanning from scheduling the US National Football League (NFL) to creating the airports of the future, gave a different, friendlier flavour to the evening. Throughout the presentations of optimization problems – that the Smith Institute had solved for their clients by using the power of a solver such as Gurobi – we were reminded of how optimization can solve some of the most difficult problems and what a tremendous difference in cost-cutting and revenue-making this has.

The presentations could not have highlighted more the imminent approach of the new era in optimization and people were keen to chat with the experts and figure out radical ways to solve in the best way possible the most difficult problems in their relative industries. Some of the problems presented gave us at Octeract many ideas on how our clients can benefit more from solving their own problems using non linear programming. Others confirmed insights we had already a knowledge of from our conversations with numerous experts from numerous industries.


We left the conference room with a sense of excitement about the talks we would have later, to take a very interesting tour around Lord’s Cricket Ground. What a great time we had diving into the history of Cricket’s Home! The evening couldn’t have ended without numerous interesting conversations about optimization over drinks and delicious food. We chatted with many people who wanted to know more about the advantages of solving real world problems with non linear programming. We were delighted to share what we’ve learned about the new era in optimization from working with some of the best experts in the field. They are the successful pioneers who drive progress by embracing bold new ideas and we are always there to support them and keep them ahead of their competition with our knowledge and expertise. It was exciting to share this with others in this amazing event! Such was everyone’s enthusiasm that we didn’t leave until 21:00 (did anyone realise that drinks stopped being served at 20:30?) and when we did exit Lord’s Cricket Ground we were even more determined than before to work hard and help our clients remain leaders in what they do best; optimizing our world!

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