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If you’re upgrading your subscription by inviting a friend/s, remember to use the same email address that you registered with.

How it works

Invite your friends to join the community and upgrade your subscription. If you’re not subscribed yet,
you can skip payment and use Octeract Engine for FREE. This option is available for the subscriptions below.

Get Basic free for 3 months by inviting a friend
Get Pro free for 3 months by inviting 2 friends
Get Team free for 3 months by inviting 4 friends

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If you have any questions about the referral programme, please don’t hesitate to get in touch at support@octeract.com


  • What’s the catch?
    No catch! It’s simple: you invite friends and, in exchange, you get to experience a few months of premium Octeract Engine for free.
  • How long will my free trial last?
    3 months
  • When will I know if I have qualified for the offer? 
    As soon as your friend(s) join an Octeract subscription plan, we will validate their email address/es and upgrade your tier accordingly, for free!
  • Is the referral program available to Academics?
  • How many friends can I invite?
    For now, you may invite up to 4 friends.
  • Do my friends need to join a premium tier in order for me to qualify for the offer?
    Nope! Your friends can join any tier including Community, which is 100% free for them!
  • I want to invite more friends because I don’t know how many will sign up and validate the subscription with their email. Can I do this by filling in two forms?
    Yes, you are welcome to do this.
  • What happens when my free upgrade ends after 3 months?
    You can choose to either downgrade to your previous subscription plan or continue with your upgraded subscription and be billed accordingly. The choice is completely yours.