Installation Manual


Octeract Engine v1.10.1
Copyright (c) Octeract Ltd, 2017-2021
February 12, 2021

1. Overview

Octeract Engine is available for Windows and Linux on 64-bit systems. The rest of the manual assumes you have downloaded the relevant packages for your system (the installer executable for Windows or the tarball for Linux).

2. Installation on Windows

2.1 Installation


In order to install Octeract Engine on your system, you must have administrator rights.

  1. Launch octeract-engine-VERSION-setup.exe and click next to start the installation.

2. Accept the terms of the agreement to continue the installation.

terms and conditions

3. If you have a licence file, you can select it at this step and skip the licensing part of this documentation.


4. Review the details of the components you want to install.

review the details

5. Choose the install location of Octeract Engine and click Install to start the installation.


6. That’s it! Click Finish to end the installation process.

installation complete

2.2 Install a License File Manually

If you did not install your licence through the installation wizard, you can do so manually by moving or copying your license file OcteractLicense.octeract_lic to the folder where Octeract Engine is installed. The default location for this is in C:\Program Files (x86)\Octeract

2.3 Uninstallation

The usual way of doing this is via the “Programs” section in the “Control Panel”. Alternatively, go to folder where Octeract Engine is installed, launch Uninstall.exe, and follow the onscreen instructions.

3. Installation of Octeract Engine on Linux

3.1 Installation

  1. Extract the Octeract Engine package (tarball) to a location of your choosing:
tar -zxvf octeract-engine-VERSION.tar.gz

2. Add the bin folder to the $PATH environment variable and the lib folder to the $PYTHONPATH environment variable.

3.2 Install a License File

Move or copy your licence file OcteractLicense.octeract lic to the folder where Octeract Engine is installed and add this folder to the $PATH environment variable. Alternatively, add your licence file to the bin folder.

3.3 Uninstallation

To uninstall, just delete the folder where Octeract Engine is installed.