Hyperoptimisation Community Project (HCP)

Advancing optimisation for all with self-improving algorithms

Introducing Self-improving Algorithms

We’re introducing a new class of self-improving optimisation algorithms.  Our goal is to teach this system to self-adapt so our MINLP solver, Octeract Engine, improves its own performance organically over time. We call this hyperoptimisation.

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What is HCP?

We’re democratising mathematical optimisation by making this technology easier to use, available for free and facilitating knowledge-sharing. This is a community project so, strength is in numbers. Users in over 50 universities are already solving their problems for free.

How does this work?

Every time a problem is sent to the Engine, data about the problem is logged on our server and used for the Engine’s auto-improvement. The more Octeract Engine is used, it can progressively solve harder problems out-of-the-box. The Engine supports a variety of modelling languages.

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Where do I fit in?

Currently, it’s too difficult and costly for those who can benefit from using this technology to do so. To break the existing barriers, we’re enabling wider use of optimisation technology. This is where you come in. Just by using the Engine, a global network, that can benefit from this automation, is being built.

Join the Community

Our community is continuously growing with users teaching the system, automatically. Just by submitting their problems. We welcome any problem, question or idea. Our software engineers are available to chat, in real-time, on our Discord server.  This is our platform for knowledge-sharing, thought exchange and networking with others in the community. 


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